Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer is Flying By

Each evening while we are eating dinner out on the porch, watching the birds bathe in the fountain, feeling the breezes from the overhead fan, and smelling the enticing aromas of the oriental lilies - we are thankful for another glorious summer day. Our warm weather season is short so its especially important that we savor each day (which in reality we should be doing no matter what the weather is like!)

I'm sure your days are similar to mine regarding what you hope to accomplish. Somehow the hours fly by, and I've only touched on a few of the items on my list. Today was no exception, as I had hoped to get a good start on packing two trunk shows,  stitching a bit more of the limited edition 2015 Christmas ornament, and ordering supplies for another kit to be released in September.

There were good interruptions though, as orders came in which needed to be assembled and packed, there were phone calls from family and friends, I took time to research a trip which my husband and I are taking in a few months, and I made my usual trip to the post office.   Hopefully I'll be able to get more stitching done this evening.

Did you know that although we don't have a wholesale market this Fall, a  group of vendors have come together to offer a "Harvest Market Hop" in September.  It will be an online show and shop owners will be able to preview all of our latest releases and hopefully purchase their favorites directly from the designers.  I'll have at least six new titles, plus the previously mentioned kits.

Tomorrow is another day - and with the help of my assistant Dawn, we will get those trunk shows packed and ready to go, and perhaps I'll even be able to finish that ornament.  We may even take time to have lunch on the porch - another moment to treasure.  Keep your fingers crossed for a productive day, but don't do it for too long - we want you to keep stitching.

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