Monday, November 26, 2018

Holiday Titles Are Now In Shops

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. To help you with your holiday decorating and gift giving needs, I offer six new holiday designs. Find these titles and more JBW Designs at your local stitching shop. If your shop doesn't offer JBW Designs, ask them to contact me to place an order.

Merry - It's a simple name but a classic and elegant design. The design was stitched on #32 Christmas Red (from Zweigart) and #28 Jobelan - Christmas Red (from Wichelt). The stitch count is 198 W x 70 H - and the finished size on #32 is 12" x 4 1/2". One of the models is pictured as a bolster - which is such a unique and fun finishing method, and the other was finished as a long narrow pillow. It was stitched in white floss.

Sing a Song of Christmas VII (O' Little Town of Bethlehem) - Now onto a long title - but it is part of the popular little stocking series which features classic Christmas songs. The design was stitched on a #32 Antique White Belfast in a variety of fibers from Classic Colorworks, Weeks Dye Works, and Gentle Arts, but DMC equivalents are always listed. Three little brass charms are included in each leaflet.

Sing a Song of Christmas VIII (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) - It's such a popular song that you may want to stitch one for each of your children or grandchildren. The design was stitched on the #32 Antique White Belfast again, and all of the designs are approximately 3" W x 4" H. It too uses a variety of hand dyed fibers, but also called for a #4 metallic braid from Kreinik, and two sizes of beads from Mill Hill: #00557 and #40557.

Sing a Song of Christmas IX (Winter Wonderland) - The verse I used on this little stocking is: "Sleigh bells ring - Are you listening?" and it too features a number of classic elements: a church, evergreen trees, a sleigh filled with presents, a tree, and a little reindeer. It was stitched on the #32 Belfast linen in Antique White and uses the same variety of hand dyed fibers, plus the #4 metallic braid and the petite gold beads.

Sledding Santa - The little wooden sleds make such darling ornaments and Christmas decorations - that I couldn't resist designing two more pieces for the sleds. Although I did stitch a second model over one - and finished it as an ornament. The design was stitched on a #32 Vintage Blue Whisper fabric from Zweigart, and measures approximately 1.7" W x 2.9" H - when stitched over two threads. A variety of hand dyed fibers were used in the original, but DMC colors are listed also. Each leaflet includes the embellishments: two brass stars and a pom pom.

Sledding Snowman - These little sled designs are quite quick to stitch, and can be finished in an evening. We love projects like this which can be completed in just a short amount of tie. The snowman was stitched on #32 linen from Zweigart in Vintage Blue Whisper. The finished size is 1 1/2" W x 3" H on the #32 count. But I also stitched a second model on a #28 linen over one. Hand dyed fibers were used and the leaflet includes a pom pom embellishment.

Peace On Earth Kit - The little white tree is stitched on a #28 linen - color Christmas Red. The kit includes the following: an 8" x 10" piece of linen, floss for stitching, the cotton backing fabric, a color booklet, needle, Dames of the Needle pom pom trim, 2 red bells, one long pin, ribbon and finishing instructions. The design pictured was stitched over two threads, but could also be stitched over one thread and finished as an ornament. The finished size of the model on red over two is: 3.6" W x 5.5" H.

Joy Kit - Joy has been stitched on #32 linen - color Water Lily. The kit includes the following items: a 6" x 8" piece of linen, the cotton backing fabric, a skein of dark green floss for the cording, organdy ribbon, a jingle bell, pin and greenery, and the finishing instructions. The finished size of the design over two is 4" W x 1 1/2" H. A model had also been stitched over one thread and would make a darling little ornament also. The Joy ornament is a companion to my ornament in this year's Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue. Look for the Noel - as it matches the finishing of this new kit.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer 2018 booklets have been released!

I have released five new booklets for the summer. You can find them at your local stitching shop. (If your shop does not have them, please ask them to place an order with JBW Designs.)

#346 - Christmas in Williamsburg 
Stitched on #32 Belfast Antique white linen ( for the over two model) and on #28 antique white Cashel for the over one model.  Stitch count:  37 W  x 52H

The finished sizes are:  2  3/8” W  x 3  1/8” H and 1.3” W x 1.85” H.    I stitched the model in Classic Colorworks and Weeks Dye Works fibers , but  will always include the DMC equivalents in each leaflet.  Complete finishing instructions are included for each of the models.

#347 - Christmas Tree Collection IX
Stitched on #32 Belfast red linen - in both the over one and over two models in a white DMC floss.  Stitch count:  Chalet: 35 W x 40 H, and Winter Wonderland is 39 W x 38H .  The finished size of the over two models are about 2  1/2” round, and the over one models are about 1  1/4” round. 

#348 - French Country Ducklings   
The model with all three ducklings was stitched on #32 Belfast linen ,  in antique white and the Stitch Count is: 116 W x  71H.
and the finished size is 7.2” W x 4.4” H.  It has been stitched in a Romy’s Creations fiber called Squirrel.  The frame is is from The Family Tree Frame Co.  

Two other models were stitched using just the mother duckling as the design.  The pink duckling was stitched on #32 Elizabeth - a pale pink from Hand Dyed by Stephanie, in the caller House Wine from Classic Colorworks.

The yellow duckling was stitched on a #32 Belfast linen in a pale yellow - called Chrome - from Picture This Plus, in the color Candied Yams from Classic Colorworks.  The stitch count of the single duck is 49 W x 57 H, and the finished size is:  3.1” W x  3.6” H.  

#349 -Le Jardin Needlework Accessories   
Three designs are included in this set: a needle book, a scissor sheath and a scissor fob.  They were all stitched on a #32 Belfast linen, black  in DMC fibers.   The stitch counts are as follows:
  • Needle Case:  66 w  x  34 H
  • Scissor Sheath: 39 W x  49 H
  • Scissor Fob:  18 W x  12H

The finished sizes are:
  • Needle Case:   4.1” W  x  2.1” H
  • Scissor Sheath:  2  1/2” W  x 3.06” H
  • Scissor Fob:  1.1” W  x  3/4” 

An outline of the finishing instructions are included for all three pieces. The finishing materials can be purchased at a fabric store and include a black and white polka dot fabric, pink  and black ribbons, pink trims, felt,  small rings and pearl buttons. 

#350 - Sweet Land of Liberty   
Stitched on #32 Belfast linen in natural.  The stitch count is:  105 W x  35 H.  The fibers used were Classic Colorworks and Weeks Dye Works, but DMC equivalents are included.  The finished size of the design is: 6.5” W  x  2.2” H.     The design has been mounted on a flat board with corded trim and finished into a felt pocket, with covered buttons.  It was mounted on an antique bread board.  

Friday, February 16, 2018

Spring Releases 2018

As I write this, the sun is shining in Michigan and though it is still chilly outside, we hope that Spring is just around the corner. I have released four new titles and a limited edition kit this spring. Look for them at your local needlework shop!

Ode to Britain - This is the second release in a series of travel themed designs. The first was Alphabetique which centered around France. Ode to Britain features many iconic British motifs (Big Ben, London Bridge, tea pots, an umbrella, double decker bus, phone booth) as well as Olde English lettering. It is worked entirely in one color - Cherry Wine from Gentle Arts.

Seaside Series II & III - These next two booklets are a continuation of the Seaside Series started last year. I stitched models both over one and over two, and my finisher came up with very clever and creative finishes for them. The over two models were finished as plant pokes and put in a little tin pail (from Hobby Lobby) with sand and seashells. The over one models, were finished as a banner - which looks very nautical!

Seaside Series II includes the pelican and the seashell. The pelican was stitched on #32 Seafoam linen from Stephanie's Fabrics using Peacock from Romy's Creations and Hibiscus from Weeks Dye Works. The seashell was stitched on #32 French polka dot linen from  Yarn Tree in House Wine from Classic Colorworks.

Seaside Series III includes the dolphin and the crab. The dolphin was stitched on #32 Blue Whisper linen from Zweigart in Simona's Iris from Romy's Creations. The crab was stitched on #32 linen from Picture This Plus in the color Bashful. It was stitched using Strawberry Parfait from Classic Colorworks.

With Love - is a delicate heart made up of roses. Models were stitched both over one and over two threads. The model over one was stitched on #32 Cashel white linen in Romance from Weeks Dye Works. It was finished as a wearable pin.

The model over two was stitched on #32 Picture This Plus linen in the color Petal using Pink Grapefruit from Romy's Creations. It has been finished as a box with lovely lace trim, ribbons and beads.

Love Always - is a limited edition kit. This sweet little design could be used in so many ways. It has been finished as a small hanging ornament, but you could use it on a greeting card, a pin to wear, on top of a small trinket box . . . use your imagination! The kit includes a piece of #32 Belfast linen in antique white, the backing fabric, buttons, floss for cording, ribbon and complete finishing instructions to finish as pictured.

Contact your favorite needlework shop to find the new designs and kits. And don't' forget to share your finished JBW cross-stitch projects on our Friends of JBW Designs Facebook page. We love to see your creative finishes!