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Croquet and Corn

Summer weekends in Michigan can be just perfect - when the weather co-operates and my family can all be together.  And last weekend had all of the right ingredients- corn on the cob, great conversations and lots of laughs, and a game of croquet just as the sun was setting. 

We started the evening with all of the little ones helping to clean the corn.  We have six grandchildren -  Cody             Cody, Tristan and Ellie

and each has a unique personality.  Cody who is 7 is one the left and he is such a hard worker - always willing to do a job.  And Tristan who is 4 and Ellie who is 2 1/2 are discussing how to do this job.

My husband and I are called Poppa and Nana - and we feel so lucky to have our adult children, their spouses and our grandchildren living nearby.

Nana and Ellie

Our two oldest grandchildren are going to be taller than us soon.  Ashton is 11 years old - and Wyatt is 14 - pictured below with their Poppa.  They are outstanding baseball players and we try to go to as many of their games as possible.

Dick, Wyatt and Ashton

We spent a lot of time telling stories about our son and daughter - as the little ones love to hear what their parents did at their age.

Our son Mark is pictured with his youngest children

Ellie and Tristan, and our daughter Kris is holding her son Liam, and niece Ellie.

Mark with Ellie and Tristan    Kris with Ellie and Liam

After grilling our steaks, we added roasted potatoes, fresh fruit, corn on the cob, and then peach cobbler for dessert, plus homemade cookies.  

Our daughter-in-law Brenda brought the desserts, and is helping the little ones watch a video on the computer.

Brenda      Nana and Ellie

And then it was out to the backyard for a goofy game of croquet with the 4 youngest children.  



The perfect summer evening!


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