Birds & Berries Antique Alphabet
A watchful stitcher has discovered a sizing error. The CUT FABRIC size is incorrectly listed and should be 16" W x 14" H.

Birth Sampler ~ "You Shall See Wonders"

The DMC equivalent for the Classic Colorworks Whatley Woodland should be #434.

French Country Santa
It has come to our attention that the accents on our chart are not in the correct places and the article "La" is also incorrect. The article should be "Le." The accents should be as follows Le Père Noël.

French Country Scaredy Cats
A cat was omitted from the lower right position on the chart, below the "en" in Halloween. Here is the correction portion of the chart. Notice this is for the 2 color version.

Wedding Pillow
There is an error in one of the bead color listings. The Magnifica Bead should be #10105.
Thanks to the eagle eyes of my shop customers.